Structural Steel Works

Adelaide Hills Structural Steel: Nearly all buildings have structural steel as the main internal framework to give the building strength. An architect designs the building and an engineer calculates what beams and columns are required to do the job. Quiet often a builder will give the designs to the Customer to arrange the steel work and this is when they come to Mt Barker Steel.

Things to consider when building with steel:

  1. Design: Have an architect design your structure.
  2. Engineering: Engage an engineer to calculate the structural steel and connection required for the job.
  3. Fabrication: Ask Mt Barker Steel to quote to build the steel work.
  4. Coating: The Architect will nominate if the steel is to be painted or hot dipped galvanized.
  5. Delivery: Organise how to get your steel work to the site and how it will be unloaded.
  6. Crane hire: Will a crane need to be organised to move the steel into place?
  7. Installer: Steel beams are very heavy and it is important that safety is thought when working with steel.

The staff at Mt Barker Steel can arrange the whole lot or work closely with your builder so please bring your drawings in and we can see what stage they are at and help you with the process.

Some of the projects we have done over the years include:

  1. The grand stand in the Mt Barker Basketball stadium.
  2. The Mt Barker Information bay and the Entrance statement.
  3. Lots of structural work at Cornerstone College and Mt Barker Hospital
  4. Balustrade at the Hahndorf Football Clubrooms.

At Mt Barker Steel no job is too big or too small so please contact us to discuss your structural steel needs.


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